Wednesday, October 23, 2013

How to download a new format 7.5 minute topo map using the USGS download service:

This is a new format for USGS topo maps. Once you have the file, the Adobe reader program on your computer will now show you different "layers" of information on your topo map.

The map datum has been updated to WGS 84. Previously many Maine 7.5 minute topos were tagged to NAD27.

The satellite layer is going to be really useful for SAR and back-country travel purposes.

Please note, Sandy and I discovered today that it's very expensive for the college to print a whole map for you. You can crop the map to just print a section for most purposes.

  1. Go to
  2. Navigate to your topo quad
  3. Follow the instructions to place a marker on your map
  4. Click on the marker
  5. Click on the "download" button in the menu that appears
  6. The map will download. It will take a while. Wait patiently.
  7. Check in your downloads folder for the .zip file for your map. Click once to unzip.
  8. Open the file in Adobe reader
  9. Use the layer folders on the left hand menu to add layers to your map

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