Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Search Team Leader Training memo

Dear MASAR unit reps: Please find below a link to an open web folder containing the flyer and schedule for our upcoming STL training course, to be held in and about Unity College (central Maine) on the weekend of October 19th to 21st, 2012.

The MASAR Education committee is providing this training program to support general SAR leadership education within MASAR and member groups, and to support units in meeting the recently promulgated STL Standard.

The STL Standard is the proper level of training for people in charge of search parties in the field, and it is important that Units recognize this and begin to document that their leaders meet the standard. The standard is a practical standard requiring skills demonstration in each item, and so the training is hands-on and practical, more than 70% time in the field and hills. The Education Committee has labored hard to make sure that this opportunity for hands-on, field based training.

We expect that our best MASAR instructors, working together with the candidates themselves and their current knowledge, can improve the quality of search and rescue for just about any leader for any team in the state. We hope that each unit will name one or two candidates.

Units may name candidates, or individuals may name themselves, by email response to either Mick Womersley (organizer) or Jim Bridge (Chair Education Cttee).

Emails should contain brief details of the individual’s SAER “resume” and some statement of commitment to a team or MASAR in general. (We prefer not to expend limited resources to train folks who are not ready, or who may soon be moving away.) The Education Committee reserves the right to choose this years candidates from among the best deserving applicants, although all are encouraged to consider the course. (Please read the required qualifications before applying.)

Best regards,
Mick Womersley
Education Committee Member,
Resource Officer

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

For new members: Training materials

Here is a link to the Maine BASAR search and rescue training materials. This is the online training course we will run this fall.

You'll need to be put on the list of authorized users to enter the site. You need to send me, or Paige or Travis or Corey an email so one of us can "invite" you to become an authorized user.

These files are not available through Google search and are copyright of Maine Association for Search and Rescue.

Here is another link to the MASAR Standards webpage. All members will take CPR and the fitness test this fall to become authorized "trainees" as per the Search Team Member and Physical Fitness Standards. The more committed of you will also take BASAR.

Monday, September 10, 2012

Up and running again

After a long, hot, useful, and even occasionally restful summer, the Unity College SAR Team is both in-training and operational again for the school year. This web page/blog will be used as a place for team members to post team news bulletins, announcements, and other items of interest, as well as photos.

The photo album, which is open to the public, is getting quite huge. I recommend a visit, especially for new members. Here's a direct link.

The team leadership, composed entirely of students (all I do is ensure continuity from one year to the next, liaise with the authorities, and help with training), will shortly be announcing the meeting and training schedule for the fall. Be sure to check your campus email.

Welcome back, and be sure your ready packs are good to go!