Thursday, September 1, 2011

Back to college, up and running

Unity College SAR Team is now officially up and running for the school year.

Students have returned to campus. The educations of the new intake of Conservation Law Enforcement students have begun, with basic map reading and fitness training.

For my part, I get to teach two sections of the map reading and fitness lab. That means that about two dozen students will be hiking Mount Harris with me, twice a week, until hunting season.

The first weekly team meeting will be held soon, and trainings will begin. Students will get email notification of the time and place.

And, of course, we have to be ready for a call-out. Please make sure you have your hasty/ready pack all packed and on hand and ready to go, with flashlights that work, spare clothing that works, trail food you might actually be willing to eat, and so on.

Keep your cell phone charged and switched on.

And remember the Four Rules of Rescue:

1) Rescue is a team game:
2) Nobody gets hurt.
3) One person is in charge at all times.
4) Everyone that goes, comes back together

The Rules expanded:

1) Rescue is a team game: No prima-donnas allowed. If you want to rescue your ego, go show off at the gym. We go together, or not at all.

2) Nobody gets hurt. Obviously, the casualty or victim is likely already hurt or perhaps even dead. That's already one too many. Team leaders and team members must make every effort to make sure that their team stays safe.

3) One person is in charge at all times. Too many voices ruin The Plan. Although that Team leader should listen to his team members.

4) Everyone that goes, comes back together. If you go up the mountain together, you come down the mountain together. If you go in the woods together, you come out of the woods together. If you can't see that last team member in line, you wait until you can. The party goes at the pace of the slowest person.

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