Thursday, September 2, 2010

Earl says "Take me seriously"

As a practicing human ecologist, I'm used to denial. These last few hours are an example, as I listen to people talk lightly about the hurricane. It doesn't help matters that most hurricanes that hit Maine the last few years were pretty much little squibbles of their former selves by the time they got here.

Earl, however, is a serious storm, and it will hit Maine. If it has even a portion of its current energy and scale, and if it hits the Bay of Fundy as precisely as expected, we are going to see some very difficult weather Friday night, and traveling Friday and Saturday may become dangerous.

All the State EMA resources are on standby, including the Unity College SAR Team, so I'll be staying close to the phone through Saturday morning. Most other people should stay home too and hunker down.

Travelers are just going to add to the difficulties that the various emergency services face, and may even put rescuers at risk.