Sunday, August 30, 2009

Team updates, opening week Fall 2009

Slideshow: 2007, team members learning to rappel.

The Fall term starts Monday and we already have sufficient personnel on campus to respond to a call-out.

That means that we are now officially open for business.

Since we have a tropical storm arriving shortly, with flooding predicted, the likelihood we get a call-out opening weekend is higher than normal.

All team members sophomore and above should have their ready packs packed and in their vehicle or dorm room. The team officers will shortly be updating call-out lists: be sure to get your information to them if your home phone number or cell phone number has changed.

For first years who want to know how to join: Membership is open to all UC students. The first point of contact with new students is club night, held usually in the first few weeks of the semester. Watch for posters. Team trainings/meetings are held weekly all fall, usually at night midweek. The primary land navigation training for most first year team members is the Introduction to Conservation law Enforcement Labs, which starts Monday and Wednesday, depending on your section, taught by myself and Tim Peabody.

Tim and I will explain how SAR works in Maine, and about the Unity College Team, in class. If you are assigned to my section, and a serious candidate, you will show up with suitable clothing for hiking on the first day.

(Non CLE-first years who are not required to take this class are recommended to take Map and Compass, a different class, later in their UC career.)

The team truck is off-campus until late today (Saturday), along with a considerable part of our gear. Jake Urrutia and I are helping with training/certification for the Lincoln County SAR Team today and are using the truck and gear.

Welcome back!

Faculty Advisor

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