Sunday, April 19, 2009

Kadjoko call out, 4/19/2009

To: Mick Womersley; Faculty; Students; Staff
Subject: SAR callout report, Sunday 4/19
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Dear CommUnity:

The Unity College SAR team returned safely to campus this afternoon after assisting the Maine Warden's Service to look for a man missing in the woods north of Greenville since Monday.

The elderly gentleman they were looking for was, unhappily, found dead after several hours and miles of searching. It will however, be some small comfort to his family that he has been found.

We fielded 11 personnel. This is a very good response for a weekend call out. All students performed well under the leadership of their own officers (without any faculty or staff supervision), on an arduous operation, at short notice, and a long way from campus.

I hope you agree with me that they are a credit to the college.



Mick Womersley, PhD
Associate Professor
Unity College


Jake Urrutia said...

The Kokadjo callout was successful thanks to the hard work and dedication of the UCSAR members who were able to respond. Everyone was well prepared, eager to help out in any way possible, and most importantly, showed up ready to make a difference.

I feel we had a good season this year, with only a few callouts. I am looking forwards to coming back to the team next year, and have many suggestions regarding training to introduce to next year's team officers. I feel training is important-so much so that you can never have too much!

On May 6th, during finals week at Unity College, UCSAR held their annual Car Smash fundraiser, with all proceeds benefitting the Unity Food Pantry. TA's Automotive Services, a local auto repair shop, donates a junk car each year for students to "smash". The fundraiser is great as it provides students means to relieve stress caused by studying for finals, as well as give back to the community. This year the team raised $90.50 for the Unity Food Pantry.

Will be posting questions regarding training for the team in the fall-
Jake Urrutia, UCSAR Deputy Chief

Mick said...

Thanks, Jake