Monday, June 16, 2008

UCSAR on Katahdin

The Professor, the "Bairn" and Heavy all went to do rescue cover at the park for the weekend. We summited on Katahdin Saturday, and explored the west side on Sunday. A good weekend.

Our Saturday expedition proved to us again the old RAFMRS adage that the only way to train for the hill is to go on the hill. Katahdin is a long, steep, high mountain, and even the fittest youngsters have a hard time summoning the stamina for the ascent.

The need for a lot of scrambling and climbing on almost every way up or down doesn't help. A serious mountain.

Thanks to Rob, Stewart, Katie and the other park staff and rangers for the hospitality. We'll be back.

(Actually, we have to go back soon since we left our gear trailer there. But we will return with more troops in the early fall as well.)


Heavy Whalley said...

What a great day on a magic mountain, thanks very much for a special weekend. Baxter Park is such a special place and not far from Unity, go and enjoy it, you will not be dissapointed.

Heavy Whalley

Heavy said...

Thanks for a great weekend, Baxter Park is a must so is a day on that amgic mountain

Heavy Whalley