Tuesday, April 15, 2008

More on Baxter rescue cover for summer and fall

Maine Environmental News picture of a rescue in Baxter SP

I will be taking a trip to Baxter soon to begin coordinating with the park authorities. They are keen to have us help, but also need us to be fully prepared. This will be a good deal easier for us to manage in the fall, when we have a lot of students to draw on, than the summer, but I think we have to do our best to provide assistance in both seasons.

Part of the program may include one or more weekends where a group of us are on "rescue cover" for the weekend, based at the park.

Here's an older article that summarizes a summer of incidents. Be sure to read it and study the pictures. This new mission is much more oriented towards mountain rescue skills than the low-level, low angle search and rescue that is our usual fare. While I know what to do, I'm old and rusty. You guys are young and fit, but few of you know what to do. We have some work ahead of us.


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