Thursday, April 3, 2008

Heavy's slides, MASAR Spring Training, River Races

Lots of stuff to go over at SAR briefings Wednesday night the next few weeks. Charlie and the other officers will be leading discussions about the following:

Heavy Whalley speech/slideshow, 23rd April:
A reminder that this very storied rescue troop is coming to Unity College to give a Lapping Lecture at 7.30pm that night. Those of you who want to join me for dinner with Heavy before hand, email me. Click here to find out more about Heavy. He will be in the area for a few days and is available for some training exercises, possibly a spring High Angle, weather permitting, certainly a couple of navigation days, which I will set up with Charlie and announce closer to the time.

MASAR Spring Training, 3rd and 4th May:
We want a good turn-out for this training weekend, which will be at the positively palatial Schoodic Education and Research Center. Organized by Chris Weibusch, NPS Ranger at Acadia, an alum of the college. Details below. See Charlie to sign up

River Race Rescue Cover:
We are asked to provide trained SAR trrops to do rescue cover on traditional canoe races each spring. The Kenduskeag Race is the big one, on the 19th April. It's fun to stand on the bank and watch the punters fall in, especially when they're Unity students. Not so fun to go into the water (brrrr!) and pull them out and catch their boats. We generally take the SAR trailer and wet suits. But good PR and public service. One of the big services we provide is radio communication up and down the river. See Charlie to sign up

Vehicle Question:
A slow year for call-outs has left us money in our budget. We've been after our own vehicle for some time. I've proposed we use the money to get one. Debate this at this week's meeting. Show up to get the details from Charlie and have your say.

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