Monday, February 25, 2008

Letter from a prospective student

This might be helpful to other prospective students readers:

Hi Chris:

SAR is a student club, but it’s also a public service Maine SAR Association (MASAR) accredited team. It meets as a club most weeks while college is in session, and runs it’s own training. As the advisor, I participate by helping train students in SAR. Some of the training is curricular, such as the map-reading sessions that go with the introductory Conservation Law Enforcement class for freshmen. But most is on your own time.

The team gets called out between 3 and 6 times a year, whenever the state authorities need us for assistance on a search. As a result, students get experience in searching and rescue beyond their training. They also get to work with real casualties, and unfortunately the occasional body. Most team medics are trained to EMT Basic. Some are also ambulance staff with our local ambulance service. Others are part-time in the military or coastguard, as well as local fire departments and police forces.

There’s a team blog at, which I maintain periodically, together with links to other rescues sites and a call-out log.

Charlie Alves ( is the team leader for the rest of this school year. I copied him on this email. The team leader and officers of the team are always students. He may also email you, or you can write him with questions.



Mick Womersley, PhD
Associate Professor of Human Ecology
Director of Sustainability
Unity College

On 2/24/08 6:25 PM, "chris f" wrote:

Hi Mr. Womersley, my name is Chris Froehly. I will be a freshman in the upcoming 08-09 school year. I found out that you are the advisor for Search and Rescue, and I am interested in participating in that. Can you send me some more information?

Thank you,
Chris F.

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