Friday, December 14, 2007

Review of "Mountain Rescue" by Sharp and Whiteside

There are very few MR books on my shelf. Once I had a precious copy of Gwen Moffatt's Two Star Red, gold for any ex-RAFMRS troop, but some student borrowed it never to return (now I keep a record of such things). I have an inscribed copy of Frank Card's Whensoever, of which I am very proud. That's all she wrote. But this new book by Sharp and Whiteside is going to join the pack. It may take me a while, because being an import it's expensive (I'm reading a library copy), but it's a great book. Packed with great photography and very informative, its also a celebration of volunteer SAR. I particularly appreciated the coverage of the RAFMRS, which sometimes doesn't get its due in civilian MR discourse in the UK. The 2001 Ben MacDui twin F-15 crash is described in detail, with full credit to the Braemar and other "civvy" teams involved. I'm just now getting to the chapter on the Lockerbie Air Disaster, which has interview and other material from Heavy and Bill Batson, the two team leaders.

Awesome read. Well done, the authors.

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