Thursday, December 6, 2007

Personal Satelite Trackers: Are they any good?

At the latest MASAR meeting we were briefed by a retail representative on these new personal messenger/tracker devices. My immediate thought, on being told that there's a button you press to dial 911, was "false alarms." Remember SARbe? Then there was SARSAT. I well remember, many years ago, toiling to the top of a Yorkshire fell only to find that it was the site of an automatic SARbe beacon reciever giving out a false alarm.

But if the guy who just got lost in Byron, ME (below) had had one, he would almost certainly have been in better shape. That would have been the case, though, if he'd just had some dry matches.

By the way, the temperature at my house on Tuesday night was 8 degrees. Gosh knows what it was on Tumbledown Mountain.

Any comments on these new trackers?

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