Thursday, December 6, 2007

Message from Charlie

Hope Everyone is having a great day!

Mick Started a UC SAR blog for the team. Feel free to comment on any of the topics. Also if you have any ideas for the blog send them to Mick.



Reply from Mick:

Thanks, Charlie.

Also, folks, if you have any UCSAR pictures or newspaper articles or any other interesting SAR-related material, or you want to write me a story, or publish a piece that you wrote for class that you think others may read, send it to me for posting. A good topic would be some interesting or exciting experience you had while out with Unity College SAR.

I expect if we make this thing interesting, we may get some donations as a result. We really need a vehicle of our own. See the solicitation on the left hand side bar.

If you send me a story, I may edit your English to make it presentable.

Finally, especially for the new officers, MASAR is going to require cell phone or pager text-messaging as a call-out system. I will be working with you guys after the break to set this up.


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