Sunday, December 16, 2007

Another note from the CSM...

From Pat to all, some notes from CLE alumni:

Hi all,

Here are a couple of notes that I have received recently from Unity women and men serving in the field. Best of luck, and Happy Holidays to all of our young people.

Re: Rob Goodrich (2003), Byran Schliecter (2001) on the Border Patrol, and Rebecca Coles (2004) NPS

Re: Rebecca Coles (Duckett) (2004) NPS Park Ranger reports: On December 7th 2007 at 1:34 AM received what they consider the best Christmas present- The son of Ranger Jeff Duckett, NPS and Rebecca Coles (Duckett), a possible future alum, one Isaac Nathaniel Duckett was born. Both are stationed in NC, Great Smoky Mountains National Park.US BORDER PATROL NEWS

Pat, I just wanted to say thanks for everything. I am in week 15 at FLETC in Artesia, NM and am loving it. I will be working Tucson Sector for the USBP. I just wanted to write to say thanks, and if any students have interest in the BP and have questions about the academy, or the process feel free to give them my email or phone number. 207-446-9691.

Again I just wanted to say thanks so much.

Byran graduated last week, and I graduate in two days. I got top driver in my class, and came in third in my class overall. Byran placed first in his class. He is stationed in Yuma, AZ and I will be in Sonoita, AZ.
CONGRATULATIONS! on retirement.

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